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Picsart Editing Tutorial + Change Photo Background in Picsart Online

Picsart Editing Tutorial
How to Picsart Editing Tutorial

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Picsart Editing Tutorial

Picsart Editing” The Picsart Editing Application is now Becomes too much Popular in India as well as in the hole world so peoples want to know about how to edits Photo Background with Picsart Editing, So today I am going to show you the full tutorial about how you can change the Background of Your Photo in the Picsart mobile application which maybe you have installed in your mobile for the Picsart Editing tutorials you need to follow the given steps about how to change photo background with Picsart in just one click so if you want to edit then just follow tutorials given below.

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To edit your photo with the were given instruction step by step you must need the PicsArt premium application for editing because if you use and free version which comes with the too much ads and does not have any sticker or premium text and much more necessary affect which we need to use in this Picsart editing tutorial so if you haven’t downloaded the premium version of Picsart you can just go for it and download it because we will provide it free for commercial use only.

Picsart Editing Tutorial to Crop Photo

Picsart Editing Tutorial to Crop Photo

  1. First of all open the Picsart editing application, now who’s the photo which you want to crop the background.
  2. Now just click on the draw tool, and click on the add new layer after that it’s time to erase the background.
  3. For that just click on it is the button located at the below and slowly and be carefully erase the photo background.


Picsart Editing tutorial to Change Background

Picsart Editing Tutorial to Change Photo

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  1. Change the photo background we already crop the image so that’s easy to change the background.
  2. As we already know just open that photo which you want to change the background in PicsArt, then click on the draw tool and add a new layer.
  3. To change the photo background you must have best and HD quality of Editing Backgrounds which people use like CB background as well as Picsart Backgrounds if you don’t have that you can download it from our site.
  4. The layer which you have added click on the add photo in that, and choose the background which you have downloaded.
  5. Now you can see the background of your photo has been fully charged and you learn about how to change the background of the photo in PicsArt.


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